Vietnam Social Sciences, S. 3 (2017)

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Entering Adulthood - from Diagnoses of Youth to Social Policies towards Them: In Search of Specificity of Transition Countries


Tóm tắt

This article2 presents the main findings from a report about young people made within the context of an international research project, including 9 transition countries of Europe and Asia. Poland, as a country with its own social and demographic, economic and political specificity is placed in the centre of this analysis. However, its casus represents problems typical of a broader group of transition countries in general matters related to the social situation of the youth. The areas revealing the largest cumulation of young people’s life problems are the subject of this article’s investigations. According to our findings, these are education, entering a labour market and issues related to becoming self-reliant and personal life arrangements. The specific of the transition countries is that all of the above presenting a quite different, non-standard face of the youth, which may be excessively prolonged in entering adulthood, more complex (hybrid), more difficult to bear, systemically bereft and politically riskier. 

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Vietnam Social Sciences, ISSN: 1013-4328